Day 9: Imagine taking a month long vacation and balancing work and play

Imagine I was taking a month long vacation and balancing work and play?

The first idea that came to mind was some sort of retreat. Perhaps it’s that one in the Himalayas with a very powerful yogi I know – like a friend of mine has just done;  or perhaps some time at Ratu Bagus’ ashram in Bali. Both are remote locations where there is no internet, I’m effectively “off the grid” so no work is possible – or at least, only occasional writing

But after that idea, Synchronicity brought a second….

I watched Natalie’s prompt video in a time space that had opened up before a Skype call…


I went to Africa in August on a combined workshop and tourism holiday. As part of that, we visited a small rural village in Swaziland, dirt poor, and the intention was born in me to do something to help. I currently have a program in the works with one of my fellow participants to help another small, remote village in Swaziland that is in  pretty desperate way.; and that Skype call was with her.

So perhaps there’s another type of holiday to take; one where I split my time between working on serving a community like this and working on my own business.
I can see myself shuttling between the community – which is remote with minimal infrastructure and no internet – and the towns where the program will be planned and materiel purchased; and I would be working with local supporters to create the results we’re after. Naturally, that time in town would give me space and internet access to be able to support work; and it will be a simple matter of time management to carve out work times on most days and do that – with a heavy emphasis on prioritisation and being disciplined with the time so that work-work doesn’t take over

And if all this sounds like work work work, well the old adage (often attributed incorrectly to Confucius) says

Find something you love to do, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9

#10DBC #freedomplan





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