Day 6: Who is living the kind of life I’d love and and whose tribe I’d love to be part of.

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In an earlier blog, I said that one version of my perfect day would be to live like Richard Branson. Tongue in cheek, I wrote about how he enjoys the good life, living in a luxury resort, spends half his time enjoying challenging physical exercise, jets round the world and doing keynotes,  has a fascinating network and really inspires people.

And I said he does this by trusting his staff and delegating all the grunt work – and a ton of responsibility too.

For me it’s that ability to hire great people and delegate that’s the key to taking my Workplace Wellbeing business to the level it needs to go.

I use that quote in the graphic at the top in my publicity material. It shows an amazing attitude to his employees. Make them the priority, he says, and they will take care of the customers – and that will take care of shareholders. It sounds simple but every day, I meet people who tell me that their managers treat them as disposable; to be short-changed and kept in their place. Many bosses like this – particularly in small business – get  incensed when a staff member leaves and then turns around and recovers hundreds of dollars in underpaid wages and unmet retirement fund contributions. Why? Hiring is a serious responsibility with defined legal obligations. For me, it goes beyond that, It includes a raft of moral obligations but, beyond that, having the sense to make the most of your staff – and retain them. It’s an attitude totally in alignment with that Workplace Wellbeing business I’m working on. And I love the way his employees do relate to him because he is visible around his companies and  doesn’t hide away at head office, and embodies such a powerful culture
Oh, and as for training…


Image result for richard branson quotes employees

I also love the way Sir Richard is in tune with his intuition and is not afraid to take action on it. The best known example was when an airline dicked him around so badly he started his own – and very successfully

Underneath all that he has an inspiring capacity for learning and attention to detail that is essential to managing a major business.

I also love his optimistic, positive, fun-oriented outlook on life which is infused in his brand.

And finally, I love his openness to risk taking which has come close to undoing him on several occasions – and like the best entrepreneurs, his confidence that if he lost it all, he’d still have his skills and be able to rebuild from scratch

So what would I ask Sir Richard? He’s very open so the answers to many of the questions I have are already easy to google. And he has clearly created the life that he loves. But he thing that intrigues me most and that I really don’t get a real sense of is what drives him What’s his WHY. Even Simon Sinek in “starting with why” praises him but never actually identifies his WHY .

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6

#10DBC #freedomplan



Image result for richard branson quotes employees


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