Day 5: My daily success plan

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No – Let go and Let God is not one of my success tips (but perhaps it should be…)

My first success tip is to begin frame the day with a nice cold energising shower. I’m not suggesting that you have to have a cold one but Wim Hof, Yogi Bhajan and countless other sages recommend it. After dressing, I start with a short consecration. Next, I drop into a meditative state and step into my vision of the end results of what I’m working on creating in my life. I also pay attention to what it feels like to be the updated version of me in that vision, the new skills, the new attributes, the expanded comfort zone. After the meditation, I finish with yoga


My second success tip is to be aware of the key priorities for the day (from my weekly plans) and commit to doing them. Priority is a guide, but exactly what the day looks like does vary. Perhaps the most important activity is a late afternoon meeting; so you can’t do that first. Natalie says complete the three most important actions; other versions have six or seven. The exact number doesn’t matter – some actions take longer than others. The most important thing is to be working diligently on important actions and moving your projects forward.

And another important part of this is to tune in to the daily priorities and check that they are still true. Sometimes, things change and what was a priority yesterday is unnecessary today

My third success tip is to control distractions. I use separate browsers for personal use (50+tabs) and business (minimalist). I check messages 2 – 4 times a day – NOT as they come in. I don’t check Facebook messages on my laptop – only on my mobile devices. That’s because laptop FB messages are too close to your other FB stories. I use my local library for most work I do on my own. There are fewer distractions there – although they do leave the newspapers out! I become very aware of temptations to get up out of my seat and unconsciously meander around because I can’t focus. I use to draft my posts for this blog and for my others. It forces you to write and not stop for a set time – I use 5 minutes – otherwise you lose your work. I find it works perfectly to get me started and because I can’t go back and correct or get lost on google checking facts, so I have to stay in the flow of ideas. It makes me very productive

My final success tip is to keep my energy high through vigorous exercise. I go out on my bicycle for 30-60 minutes most days and it does totally reset my physical, mental and emotional energy level and leaves me ready to go back to work with renewed enthusiasm

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5

#10DBC #freedomplan


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