Day 3: My perfect day

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My perfect day begins with by woken up with a loving massage from my beautiful and skillful partner. She leads on into tantric sex which, if Sting is to be believed, pretty much takes us up to brunch. After brunch, we indulge in one of civilisations greatest inventions – a siesta. Next it’s action time with some afternoon delight, tantric-style. Finally it’s exercise time so off for a dip in the sea together, skinny of course and then sex on the beach (and I’m not talking cocktails). Finally it’s time for a romantic tête a tête dinner, and then off to bed and what Lionel Richie calls “All night long”

Top that for a perfect day!


Of course. those of you that are fans of the 4-hour work week and those who believe that success comes from having higher goals will know that there will be some days you have to work

So next-to-perfect day is up at 5am for a nice cold shower (thanks Kundalini Yoga and Wim Hof) followed by morning yoga and then quiet time for writing or other creative work. After that, my day is pretty much the same as Richard Branson’s, living the good life in a private luxury resort, spending half the day on sporting activities, writing the occasional facebook blog and keynoting at various entrepreneurial events in interesting parts of the world. Lots of smiling and shaking hands. I’m especially good at that.

Somewhere in there is running my Workplace Wellbeing business. That now operates centres and programs across the globe. Like Virgin, thanks to giving great care to hiring, culture and controls, this is a lot less hassle than it could be and it’s pretty much all delegated.

And that means that I have plenty of quality time to spend with my lovely partner which takes me back to…

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

#10DBC #freedomplan


Image result for lou reed perfect day


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