Day 1: The three challenges that hold me back from living my ideal lifestyle

The three biggest challenges that have been sabotaging me over the past year or business are…

  • First, I have lacked good practical appropriate marketing knowledge. I have an MBA but it predates the internet era – and the marketing subject was very theoretical. The plethora of possibilities available in the internet era and all the experts advertising their methods has confused and left me frozen, taking no action. I’ve finally found some help from the emerging startup ecosystem and it’s really moving me forward.
  • Second, there’s the way that  I am able to reach a peak state for short periods but I can’t maintain it. I know I come over as confident, knowledgeable and high-energy when I talk to prospective clients and they seem to like what I offer. In front of them, I come alive. The issue is that without a client in front of me, I can’t keep it up and my low-energy, confidence-lacking state resurfaces and undermines everything – from getting up in the morning to getting that marketing work done
  • Finally there is subtle energy (which is often not-so-subtle as anyone who has experienced kundalini activation will tell you). As a yoga teacher, I’ve studied the concepts of past lives and karma. What has astonished me was the way that my life led me to a practitioner for a clearing. She explained behaviour patterns I have in this lifetime (that I hadn’t told her about) in terms of past lives, cleared it, and I left with my sky-high confidence. Jerry Hicks said that in his days teaching Think and Grow Rich, many people took the classes – multiple times – did the work and still didn’t get the results. That seems to be common to many other self help gurus. Perhaps subtle energy is the answer

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1

#10DBC #freedomplan



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