Day 10: My favorite challenge day and biggest takeaway


I’ve said it before but it bears repeating. I use to write my blogs and churn out near-complete drafts in five minutes flat.

I say that because it’s a key to identifying my favourite challenge days. I haven’t had a bad day, a day when nothing would come  just because the app forces you out of the “blank zone” and into a zone where ideas do flow. But on some days, those ideas flowed especially well – the “Perfect day (day 3 blog) and the Fun Day (day 8). Both times, I was pretty much gobstruck when I read the drafts and on rereading today, I still got a “WOW”

My main takeaway from the challenge is a far better understanding about my voice. I loved writing those two blogs and they were amusing and I had a few great laughs when reading them over. But what I really discovered is that my voice is quite varied and capable of many moods. Angry one day, passionate another, a bit boring and analytical on another and having fun on another.

There have been days when I been incredibly vulnerable – my fear of judgement was palpable when I wrote about my beliefs about karma – or when I wrote my “perfect day” post with its sexual themes. It even caused me to write the “near-perfect day” part of that post where perhaps it was not strictly necessary. There have been days when I was powerful – like my “Fuck you Natalie” on the “have fun” day and seized the freedom to use that language,  again despite the fear of judgment

The humour that I would like to think of as a trademark has come and gone – some days full on, other days relieving the tension and some days totally absent.
And it is all good. It can’t be forced

I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to write across that spectrum.

And that understanding of my range is the biggest takeaway I have from this challenge

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Day 9: Imagine taking a month long vacation and balancing work and play

Imagine I was taking a month long vacation and balancing work and play?

The first idea that came to mind was some sort of retreat. Perhaps it’s that one in the Himalayas with a very powerful yogi I know – like a friend of mine has just done;  or perhaps some time at Ratu Bagus’ ashram in Bali. Both are remote locations where there is no internet, I’m effectively “off the grid” so no work is possible – or at least, only occasional writing

But after that idea, Synchronicity brought a second….

I watched Natalie’s prompt video in a time space that had opened up before a Skype call…


I went to Africa in August on a combined workshop and tourism holiday. As part of that, we visited a small rural village in Swaziland, dirt poor, and the intention was born in me to do something to help. I currently have a program in the works with one of my fellow participants to help another small, remote village in Swaziland that is in  pretty desperate way.; and that Skype call was with her.

So perhaps there’s another type of holiday to take; one where I split my time between working on serving a community like this and working on my own business.
I can see myself shuttling between the community – which is remote with minimal infrastructure and no internet – and the towns where the program will be planned and materiel purchased; and I would be working with local supporters to create the results we’re after. Naturally, that time in town would give me space and internet access to be able to support work; and it will be a simple matter of time management to carve out work times on most days and do that – with a heavy emphasis on prioritisation and being disciplined with the time so that work-work doesn’t take over

And if all this sounds like work work work, well the old adage (often attributed incorrectly to Confucius) says

Find something you love to do, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

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Day 8: A fun activity



Fuck. you Natalie

Like, isn’t writing a blog once a day tough enough?

Like, now you want me to take a chunk out of my day and go out and do something that I’ve been meaning to do and THEN write a blog? And post pics on social media that I never use? With passwords I’ve forgotten? Like I have the time to do all that shit?

Like, what don’t you get that I do these blogs after a long day at work and it’s now well gone 9pm and I two days behind and wat to catch up on and also do at least two of those sodding video blogs where it takes around 15 minutes to watch the intro video and get set up let alone record; then the upload takes forever on my connection. Then I have to get the links and post them everywhere. And be up at 5am tomorrow morning

So I’m going to SAY NO

NO I’m not going to take time out of my day and have fun – not that there is any of my day left to take time out of anyway

NO I don’t have a long list of things that I have been meaning to do anyway because I’ve actually got pretty good at doing the things I want to do except when they all fall on the same night – which happens a lot in Melbourne – it’s a fun place


That felt good. Too good. I’ve had too much fun saying NO.
And using the F bomb in a blog post for the first time

You win


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Day 7: My procrastination-busting action

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Before I start, I feel I set myself up for this. A fave recent book that I’ve been recommending to friends is “Procrastinate on Purpose” by Rory Vaden…

My imperfect action – one that I have been procrastinating on for too many days now- is going out and talking face-to-face with prospective customers.

One reason is that it feels cheeky. My target customers for my wellbeing business are managers of co-working spaces; and the best way to get in front of them is to turn up and ask to be shown round. Of course it’s their job to do that (although in some of the larger spaces, it’s done by their staff) but getting them to do that when you really want to sell them something? It’s that hidden agenda that gets me – it feels a bit dishonest

But by the same token I know that if I tried any other method of contacting them – phone, email, direct mail,  I wouldn’t even get in through the front door.

Perhaps I could frame it up for myself that most managers are inherently social beings and love meeting people and having a chat. Now that’s definitely true. And although they are busy, they always seem to be able to find the time for people.

Or perhaps there is another way to look at this that I haven’t found yet. I’ll have to stop another procrastination, stop being lazy, and do my visualisation techniques around it. That always pops out intuitive outcomes

Just had a facebook message from a friend
I replied “Not now. I’m working on a blog post about procrastinating”

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Day 6: Who is living the kind of life I’d love and and whose tribe I’d love to be part of.

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In an earlier blog, I said that one version of my perfect day would be to live like Richard Branson. Tongue in cheek, I wrote about how he enjoys the good life, living in a luxury resort, spends half his time enjoying challenging physical exercise, jets round the world and doing keynotes,  has a fascinating network and really inspires people.

And I said he does this by trusting his staff and delegating all the grunt work – and a ton of responsibility too.

For me it’s that ability to hire great people and delegate that’s the key to taking my Workplace Wellbeing business to the level it needs to go.

I use that quote in the graphic at the top in my publicity material. It shows an amazing attitude to his employees. Make them the priority, he says, and they will take care of the customers – and that will take care of shareholders. It sounds simple but every day, I meet people who tell me that their managers treat them as disposable; to be short-changed and kept in their place. Many bosses like this – particularly in small business – get  incensed when a staff member leaves and then turns around and recovers hundreds of dollars in underpaid wages and unmet retirement fund contributions. Why? Hiring is a serious responsibility with defined legal obligations. For me, it goes beyond that, It includes a raft of moral obligations but, beyond that, having the sense to make the most of your staff – and retain them. It’s an attitude totally in alignment with that Workplace Wellbeing business I’m working on. And I love the way his employees do relate to him because he is visible around his companies and  doesn’t hide away at head office, and embodies such a powerful culture
Oh, and as for training…


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I also love the way Sir Richard is in tune with his intuition and is not afraid to take action on it. The best known example was when an airline dicked him around so badly he started his own – and very successfully

Underneath all that he has an inspiring capacity for learning and attention to detail that is essential to managing a major business.

I also love his optimistic, positive, fun-oriented outlook on life which is infused in his brand.

And finally, I love his openness to risk taking which has come close to undoing him on several occasions – and like the best entrepreneurs, his confidence that if he lost it all, he’d still have his skills and be able to rebuild from scratch

So what would I ask Sir Richard? He’s very open so the answers to many of the questions I have are already easy to google. And he has clearly created the life that he loves. But he thing that intrigues me most and that I really don’t get a real sense of is what drives him What’s his WHY. Even Simon Sinek in “starting with why” praises him but never actually identifies his WHY .

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Day 5: My daily success plan

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No – Let go and Let God is not one of my success tips (but perhaps it should be…)

My first success tip is to begin frame the day with a nice cold energising shower. I’m not suggesting that you have to have a cold one but Wim Hof, Yogi Bhajan and countless other sages recommend it. After dressing, I start with a short consecration. Next, I drop into a meditative state and step into my vision of the end results of what I’m working on creating in my life. I also pay attention to what it feels like to be the updated version of me in that vision, the new skills, the new attributes, the expanded comfort zone. After the meditation, I finish with yoga


My second success tip is to be aware of the key priorities for the day (from my weekly plans) and commit to doing them. Priority is a guide, but exactly what the day looks like does vary. Perhaps the most important activity is a late afternoon meeting; so you can’t do that first. Natalie says complete the three most important actions; other versions have six or seven. The exact number doesn’t matter – some actions take longer than others. The most important thing is to be working diligently on important actions and moving your projects forward.

And another important part of this is to tune in to the daily priorities and check that they are still true. Sometimes, things change and what was a priority yesterday is unnecessary today

My third success tip is to control distractions. I use separate browsers for personal use (50+tabs) and business (minimalist). I check messages 2 – 4 times a day – NOT as they come in. I don’t check Facebook messages on my laptop – only on my mobile devices. That’s because laptop FB messages are too close to your other FB stories. I use my local library for most work I do on my own. There are fewer distractions there – although they do leave the newspapers out! I become very aware of temptations to get up out of my seat and unconsciously meander around because I can’t focus. I use to draft my posts for this blog and for my others. It forces you to write and not stop for a set time – I use 5 minutes – otherwise you lose your work. I find it works perfectly to get me started and because I can’t go back and correct or get lost on google checking facts, so I have to stay in the flow of ideas. It makes me very productive

My final success tip is to keep my energy high through vigorous exercise. I go out on my bicycle for 30-60 minutes most days and it does totally reset my physical, mental and emotional energy level and leaves me ready to go back to work with renewed enthusiasm

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5

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Day 4 – My superpower

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A superpower is defined as something I’m good at, enjoy doing and that people will pay me for.

There are tons and tons of things that I am good at, too many to be worth listing. Seriously. I’ m not boasting. I’ve done this exercise before and if you put your mind to it, there really are. And I bet you have tons of things you are good at too and if you can’t list them, it’s far more likely to be a self-worth issue  than not being good at anything.

The second criteria is that you enjoy doing it. And I do enjoy a range of outdoor activities and artistic pursuits and, believe it or not, I am also fascinated by business and enjoy learning about it; so that’s a long list too.

But what will people pay me for? Therein lies the rub. (That’s Shakespeare, not the local massage parlour, sigh). In the past, I have only been able to get them to pay reasonable money for work I don’t enjoy. That’s the problem.

So what’s the solution. Do I not have a superpower? The answer is that I believe (and for good reason) that lots of people want the services that I love providing, a few of them are actually willing to pay and I just need to join up the dots and see it unfold.

One of my friends recently praised me for my focus and determination – so I reckon those must be my superpowers. Another word for them is persistence. That’s what will get me to being paid for work I enjoy.

In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill says “I had the happy privilege of analyzing both Mr. Edison and Mr. Ford, year by year, over a long period of years, and therefore, the opportunity to study them at close range, so I speak from actual knowledge when I say that I found no quality save PERSISTENCE, in either of them, that even remotely suggested the major source of their stupendous achievements.”

Some superpower.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4

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